Day 4/clarity

Wow. .nausea much better today…almost gone. My mind is so clear and crisp. I hear the bugs, the birds and cars driving by occasionally. What a beautiful day. I have only opened up to my son about my journey. He’s 22 and fully and unconditionally supports me.  It felt wonderful to share with him.  New revelations about my husband have me keeping this from him completely ….for now.


Your no fun

Hubby doesn’t like this no drinking.  Likes taking videos of me drunk…thinks I’m hilarious.  Told him today after showing me one of the videos that is the last time he will see me like that….his reply….” it won’t be the last time.”   Discovering that me drinking benefited him in so MANY ways.   I’m actually a bit sick thinking clearly about it…so much to think about….day 3 down

Well…day 2….still okay I think.  I don’t feel so well tho. …dreading the weekend with my hubby’s friends who’ve planned a weekend get together for drinking fun…..  no one takes me seriously ….  no one would EVER in my life think that this is a problem for me.  I am a compulsive Nellie. ..that Can Not have alcohol in my life….  Now What…